Witch Hazel: 18 Uses For This Powerful Little Bottle


There are many reasons to grab a bottle of witch hazel, from homemade cleaning solutions to natural beauty treatments. For decades, this organic substance has been harvested from the witch hazel plant in North America, where it has been used for everything from promoting skin health to preventing infections and controlling insects.

Native Americans traditionally used the leaves and bark of witch hazel plant as a traditional remedy.

Today, witch hazel is available in most pharmacies. It is often used as an astringent, drawing tissues together and narrowing blood vessels.

People using witch hazel on their skin for many reasons, including infections, cuts, insect bites, & other skin problems.

How does it work properly ?

How does it work properly ?

Witch hazel contains substances called tannins. Witch hazel, when applied directly to the skin, helps reduce swelling, restore damaged skin, and fight bacteria.

The uses of witch hazel are limitless, but here are the most surprisingly common uses :

Reducing stretch marks: Witch hazel may have some benefits for maintaining healthy collagen fibers, giving it an option for treating stretch marks. Pregnant women use it during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks on the abdomen.

Purify oily skin: Witch hazel is an excellent natural skin cleanser, especially for controlling excess oil. As an astringent with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, witch hazel can be used effectively as a cleanser.

Effective Acne Treatment: As anyone with acne knows, it can be impossible to find an effective treatment that’s free of harsh chemicals. However, this is where witch hazel comes in. And because witch hazel is an astringent, it helps dry up acne. Plus, it’s rich in antioxidants and effectively fights germs on acne-prone skin without over-drying it out.

Anti-dandruff treatments: Do you have an itchy scalp? Dandruff is the main source of irritation and can be eliminated with witch hazel oil. Comb your hair and divide it into different parts, then massage the oil directly into the scalp. Leave it on for a few minutes before shampooing.

Puffiness under the eyes: Inflammation of the delicate skin tissue behind the eyes causes puffiness under the eyes. Applying remedies containing witch nuts may seem strange at first, but they help reduce puffiness around the eyes.

– Relieves scalp irritation: People with skin disorders such as psoriasis often experience restless scalp, which causes a burning sensation. Witch hazel can help speed up the scalp recovery process, as well as soothe and repair cuts and reduce irritation.

Preventing hair loss: When witch hazel is rubbed into the hair, it increases blood circulation to the roots, which improves the understanding of hair follicles in the scalp tissues and helps control hair loss.




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