12 Simple Ways To Keep Wasps Away

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Tip n°1: coffee to repel wasps

And yes ! The smell of coffee is frankly unpleasant for wasps so we do not hesitate to use this trick when they annoy us. Burn some unused ground coffee in a small dish and the smoke from it will have them running away in no time. It is still important to repeat the operation regularly at the risk of seeing them again point the end of their sting! No need to use coffee grounds: the coffee must be fresh to be effective.

Tip n°2: essential oils to repel wasps

To repel wasps, a few essential oils such as lavender, lavandin or lemongrass are ideal. Add about ten drops of oil to 10 cl of water and spray around you and in the house to never see them coming back. Do not hesitate to use an essential oil diffuser on your table, in the direction of the wind so as not to be bothered by wasps, especially at mealtime.

Tip n°3: a tomato plant

After the smell of coffee, it’s that of tomato plants that the wasps don’t like very much. To be quiet on your terrace, plant a few tomato plants all around, you will thus protect yourself from their invasion. Another tip: you can also cut a branch or a few leaves from a tomato plant and position them on the garden table to prevent them from coming.

Another vegetable that is not favored by wasps: cucumbers! Simply cut a cucumber into thin slices and place these slices on the table. This grandmother’s trick also works with a sprig of mint.

Tip 4: cloves

Crushed cloves placed on the table in small cups can also keep wasps away. Another method: prick a lemon or an orange cut in half with several cloves and arrange them where the wasps invite themselves. Guaranteed result!

Tip #5: Wildflowers

Some wild flowers are real wasp magnets! Among them, we find cosmos, lavender, sunflower or even sage. To keep wasps away from the dining area or your terrace, we advise you to plant these wild flowers in a far corner of your garden.

Tip #6: Incense

Whether natural, lemongrass or citrus flavored (two smells that wasps can’t stand), incense is a good repellent. You can use incense in your interior, on your terrace or even at the table during your outdoor lunches to scare away wasps.

You can also use scented candles to keep wasps away. Their smell bothers them.

Tip 7: garlic or onion

It’s a good idea to remember, especially during your barbecues with friends! Grill garlic or onions on the barbecue at the same time as your meats, fish and other grilled meats. This disturbs the sense of smell of wasps. Once the meal has been served at the table, place the grilled garlic or onion next to your grilled meats so that they do not come to rest on them.

Tip n°8: kraft paper

This trick is rather surprising, but quite effective! You just need to use paper or kraft bags to create a lure. Crumple a bag or kraft paper into a large ball. Hang several copies around the eating area or other areas of the garden such as the swimming pool, the terrace, etc… The wasps will think that they are other wasps’ nests and will naturally move away from them. this zone.

Certainly, in terms of decoration, it is not necessarily the prettiest, but it is very effective in order not to be disturbed.

Tip 9: an upturned glass and a cut bottle

If you manage to flip a glass on a wasp during your meal, it will emit a sound to call its congeners to come and help it. If you raise an edge of the glass (with toothpicks for example), the glass will quickly become a wasp trap.

You can prepare the same kind of trap with a cut plastic bottle. All you need to do is cut a plastic bottle in half. In the bottom of the half-bottle pour honey, melon juice or jam. Wasps love these sweet dishes! Replace the other part of the bottle on top, making sure to put the neck down, like a funnel. The wasps will find themselves trapped there, because if they don’t enter the hole, they won’t be able to come out.

Tip 10: bleach

Bleach is quite effective against wasps. All you need to do is pour a small amount into a spray bottle filled with water. Spray this solution in all the rooms of the house if the wasps do not hesitate to enter your home. We advise you to insist on the starters

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