How to clean pee off furniture or carpets

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1- Maintain your carpets to avoid dirt build-up

It’s best to vacuum at least once a week, extending the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to its full length for thorough cleaning. This method helps in lifting the fibers and removing the dust simultaneously. If your carpet has a long pile, dusting can really help.

2-Protect your carpet from furniture marks

Furniture indentations can be stubborn, mainly because they flatten the pile or weave of the rug over time. A practical remedy is to use a small piece of carpet, cut to the dimensions of the furniture legs. To remove these bumps, apply a cotton-padded steam iron set to powdered hair (no pressure) and brush gently to lift the fibers.

3- Do not brush

Your carpet may not be as clean as it seems, and cleaning just one spot can make a noticeable difference. If it spills, solid or liquid, quickly pick up with 2 spoons and blot up with paper towels. When cleaning your carpet, be sure to treat the entire surface!

Note: Always test the following solutions on a small, inconspicuous area first, as different materials such as wool, silk, cotton, or synthetics may react differently to products and colors may fade.

The miracle way to clean greasy carpets

Rub the soiled area with a cloth dampened with the solution, and change it as soon as it gets dirty. Focus on one 30 by 30 cm square patch at a time. Then pat the area dry with a clean cloth and let it air dry without stepping on it. It’s a great job to incorporate into your spring cleaning routine.

Use a steam cleaner on your carpet

If you have a steam cleaner, try not to put any cleaning solution in the tank and use as little water as possible (to avoid soaking the carpet). Clean against the grain of the carpet and avoid walking on wet areas. Replace the cleaning cloth regularly, then allow the rug to dry completely before using it again.

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