This Homemade Oven Cleaner Will Make Your Stove Shine

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This homemade oven cleaner recipe is not only simple, but also uses common household ingredients that are gentle yet powerful in fighting oven grime. Here’s what you’ll needing gather:

°1/4 cup dish soap: Choose a mild but effective dish soap for removing grease and stains.

°1/2 cup lemon juice: Lemon juice brings its natural acidity to the mixture, providing a fresh scent and improving cleaning power.

°1 cup vinegar: Vinegar is a versatile, eco-friendly cleaning agent that helps break down tough residue and leaves a streak-free shine.

°1 1/4 cups of water: Water acts as a thinner to ensure that the solution is not too concentrated.

Once you have all the ingredients ready, the next steps are incredibly simple. Follow these instructions to create your homemade oven cleaner:


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