How To Making A Homemade Mosquito Trap

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There is nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy a pleasant summer night in your garden, only to be cornered by pesky mosquitoes. Their humming sounds are as annoying as their incredibly annoying stings. Citronella candles seem to have a very limited scope and duration. So how do you fend off these pesky hackers?

The solution is DIY mosquito trap! To make a homemade mosquito trap, you will need :

* Ingredients : 

°1 cup of water

°1/4 cup brown sugar

°1 gram of yeast

°Empty 2 liter bottle


Step 1: Cut the plastic bottle in half.

Step 2: Dissolve the brown sugar in a cup of hot water. Let the mixture cool. Time it has cooled, pour the solution to bottom half of bottle.

Step Three: Introduce the yeast. This will generate carbon dioxide, which is  magnet mosquitoes.

Step 4: Place the funnel part upside down in the other half of the bottle, securing it with tape if desired.

Step 5: Wrap the bottle in black material or apply black paint to the outside of the bottle, leaving the top exposed. Place the bottle outside, away from its usual meeting place (mosquitoes are attracted to the black color).

Step 6: Refresh the solution every two weeks to keep mosquito populations under control.

Enjoy !

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